The Doucettes
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~ Hudsen ~
All born in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, the Doucettes saved their musical beginning until they moved to Texas in 2007. At tender ages they began singing at church under the strict guidance of David Armistead, and developed a love for their instruments through their annual church music school. With many hours of instruction and mentorship from teachers such as Travis Alltop, Jim Britton and Andy Leftwich the Doucette kids developed a love for Bluegrass Gospel along with traditional Bluegrass music and have blossomed into what you see today. They currently reside in Waller, Texas and are members of Shady Acres Baptist Church. 
After receiving a banjo for Christmas back in 2010, Hudsen discovered a love for music that would quickly become a significant part of his life.  With the help of his mentors Jim Britton and Jake Workman, he has learned and refined his skills as a banjo player which was demonstrated by his winning 1st place in the National Banjo Competition in 2018. Currently, he sings both lead and harmony vocals for the group and plays a Burlyle Maple Custom banjo as well as a Rayco Custom reso guitar. His interests include preaching, sports, and fitness.

2017 TX State Banjo Champion
2018 US National Banjo Champion
Since their early beginnings, Holten helped pave the way for the Doucettes to grow into the band they are today. Under the guidance of Andy Leftwich, Travis Alltop, and Jake Workman, Holten has blossomed into a refined musician. Holten stays busy working on/selling heavy equipment, playing music, and working towards his bachelor's degree in Business Management through Arizona State University's online program. He currently plays a Clark F5 mandolin that he won back in 2017 and a 1938 D18 Martin guitar. He sings lead and bass vocals for the band.

- Awards: 
2014 Rockygrass Mandolin Champion
2015 TX State Flatpick Guitar Champion
2015 TX State Mandolin Champion
2016 US National Mandolin 2nd place 2017 US National Mandolin 3rd place
~ Holten ~
~ Hayden ~
After taking  several lessons with Jim Britton back in 2012, Hayden discovered his interest in playing and learning the upright bass. He now plays bass for the band and sings both lead and bass vocals on a few of their songs. Hayden's interests would include both health and fitness. Currently, he plays an Eminence Upright bass.

~ Harlen ~
Several years ago, Harlen began playing  rhythm guitar with the band and has since become the lead guitar much of the time. With significant time and effort, he has really grown as a musician and part of the band. He currently plays a Collings D1AT guitar. When he is not playing guitar or working on school, one could probably find Harlen reading or finding ways to make everyone laugh.
Hansen is the youngest of the group and has truly become an important member of the band over the past several years. Though he sings many vocal parts for their songs, he is also quickly improving as a fiddle player and is playing more with the band as time goes by. His interests include singing, playing fiddle, hockey, and taking care of animals. Currently, he is playing an 1882 Georges Chanot fiddle.
~ Hansen ~
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